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we must be killers
Naruto and death note forever

Welcome! Please, take a moment to browse through my porn collection, yes?

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4 Million Bells

Chibi drawing of your mayor


3 Million Bells

Don’t have to be following me, but if you are I’ll probably throw in a free head shot drawing of your mayor for you to use as an icon, ect.

Only reblogs count…

Would someone let me come over to their town to sell some perfect cherries?


aaahh sorry for the super nsfw i needed to do another makoharu boyfucking dot gif. this was supposed to be my nsfw account after all

be the change you want to free

How to get a girl, the Edward Elric way!!



  1. Be her friend!
  2. If she makes you things, break them.
  3. Call her so rarely that she is shocked by getting a phone call from you.
  4. Keep a lot of secrets from her.
  5. Don’t ever go on a date with her.
  6. Ask her to marry you using science.
  7. Leave immediately after she agrees to marry you.

The Roy Mustang way:

1. Ask her to follow you into hell 


Sawamura, The Bunt Master 

–“That’s off a 150 km/h pitch!”
–“How can he tap it like that?”
–“Are you serious?”
–“Can he bunt off anything?”
–“Oh no, I can’t believe I’m so impressed by him.”
–“It’s because he’s not afraid of the pitch.”
–“Good job! You’re the bunt master!”
–“Just bunt every at-bat!”


Mayor Kumi’s 69 Follower Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I meant to do this giveaway when I hit 50 followers, but suddenly I ended up with 69 in a few days— I wasn’t expecting that so fast, so thank you so much! Since I’m still kind of poor in game, I decided an art giveaway would suffice! The contest ends on September 27 and all the information is in the images I put together above! Good luck everyone!

naruto or sasuke? yes, you must choose. no, both is not an option. this is an important question and you will understand why in the future (3-ish months) shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

how could you ask me to pick? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS (i am, of course, assuming we are friends)



sasuke (im so sorry naruto baby)


i’m fluent in talking shit



Posting this a little early. Nice going, timezones. But yeah, Happy Birthday Q! You’re one of the coolest, sweetest writers this fandom has ever been blessed with. Thank you for all your hardwork! You really do deserve all the love in the world!

From Swim Trunks by quartetship a.k.a the fic that introduced me to this amazing person!

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